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About Us

We are a partner you can trust to maximize your financial health, so you can focus on the health of your community. 


Our services are individualized to meet your particular needs; whether you need full service revenue cycle management or selected billing or claim services.


If you are committed to making a difference, with an amazing company and opportunities to grow, CAB may be

a perfect fit.

"We take your revenue cycle success to heart!"

Benefit From Experience

Finding a billing company that understands the unique challenges of a rural hospital or community healthcare provider is a challenge. Your needs are as unique as the community you serve.

You need a billing company willing to listen and able to comprehend your specific needs.

Critical Access Billing Services, LLC, specializes in providing reimbursement solutions to critical access and rural hospitals, health clinics, physician practices, and other healthcare services in rural communities. 

You don’t have to sacrifice quality, your community, services, or identity because you are rural. As a rural healthcare company, Critical Access Billing Services understands the complexities many rural health entities face; and have excelled at overcoming the individual financial challenges of rural

healthcare providers to optimize their profitability.

We have spent years perfecting our billing practices and processes and are now ready to help other

rural entities benefit from our experience.







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How can we help you?

"Critical Access Billing LLC (CAB) has been a wonderful service for our organization.  The personnel are very professional and willing to go the extra mile when changes in the billing regulations arise, which is quite often in healthcare.  

We have been quite pleased with the focus on our days not final billed, allowing our collections to come in much more quickly.  We also are happy with the attention to detail we get when working with the team at CAB."

- Dina Hermes, CFO,

Golden Plains Community Hospital

“Rural hospitals throughout the nation struggle to survive. Revenue cycle management is a critical necessity for sustainability and unfortunately a deficit in most struggling organizations.  We on the other hand consistently meet budget and cash projections. I cannot thank you and your staff enough for the many years of high performance of service we have received on a daily basis.”

- Jim Janek, CEO,

Rice Medical Center 

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